What I absolutely ADORE about the work I do is that I learn something new every single day! (The teacher in me is just gleeing with excitement!)

While recording video for our Instagram membership course, I hit an unexpected road block. And in chatting with people lately about the ins and outs of Instagram, I realize that some of the latest changes aren't yet common knowledge. Therefore, I present to you these little-known Instagram facts.

Little-known Instagram fact #1: You can only set up so many Instagram accounts on your phone.

Yep…you read that right. But let's clarify that: Instagram has a maximum number of accounts you can actually create per mobile device.

maximum number of instagram accounts on mobile device

I've set up quite a few Instagram accounts for clients this this year, and I've apparently hit the maximum number of new accounts I can create. Unfortunately, I can't give you a specific number…and Instagram's website doesn't provide the mystical, magical number. Just know that you can only create “so many”. I'm guessing it's about 5…which leads me to the next fact.

Little-known Instagram fact #2: You log into 5 Instagram accounts simultaneously.

Woot! For those of you who have a personal and a business account OR if you manage client accounts like we do at Content a la mode, this is an especially helpful feature! You can log in to other accounts by clicking on your profile image in the lower righthand corner and then clicking on your handle at the top center portion of the screen.

how to add instagram accounts

Then, simply click ” + Add Account” and follow the instructions. If you need to create an account, follow these same instructions and then click at the bottom where it says, “Don't have an account? Sign up.”

Little-known Instagram fact #3: You can sign up for a new account on a desktop computer.

Yessssss. If you visit Instagram.com, you can actually sign up for a new account on a desktop computer…or even a tablet through a browser! Simply follow the same instructions and you're on your way!

sign up for instagram on a desktop

Final thoughts.

We know there are lots of little nooks and crannies in Instagram, but you can learn about the nitty gritty of Instagram in our membership! Do you have any pertinent little-known facts that we missed here? Share them in the comments below!

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