Blank screen gotcha down? If you’re battling a #contentblock, take these 7 unique social media ideas and incorporate them into your mix this week! (Images included!)


Quotes are the easiest things to incorporate into any social media plan. I’ll often go to my favorite stock photography website (I love IvoryMix!), type in quote in the search, and see what speaks to me (pun intended?).

For example, I went to Pixabay and typed in quote and scrolled until I found this image:

Which made me think of this post to accompany it:

Sometimes, life as an solo #businesswoman can get lonely and humdrum. We #hustle, we #mom, we make the same cup of #coffee, we eat the same egg whites for breakfast. And that sameness can affect our outlook on our own #smallbusiness and, before we know it, we’re just existing.

Experience your life, experience your business. It’s the only way you’ll get ahead and make a difference.

Now, I could have easily just typed out what was in the photo as my post and left it at that, too. Whatever you choose to do, know that adding your own commentary can really “make” your post.

Hint: When posting this on Instagram, be sure to use hashtags! We like Obvs, you’ll need to remove some of their suggested ones, and always be sure to include your business name and your business type as a hashtag. Remember, they are all searchable from an SEO (search engine optimization) standpoint! Here are the additional hashtags we would use for this post:

#quote #quotesbelike #wahm #quotestgram #acupofcontent #quoteaholic #quoteformoms #myinspiredcontent #quotesthatinsipre #entrepreneurisms #entrepreneurslife #entrepreneurgirl #QuotesForYou #quotetheday #wahmlife #sahm #bossmom #bossbabe #femtrepreneur #daisiesareagirlsbestfriend #daisies

Hint: You can use a max of 30 hashtags on Instagram.

2. Screenshots

Have a new blog post in production? Take a moment to screenshot what it looks like in production and share the image as a post along with a mini preview of what’s to come (and when!).

Here is how we wrote the accompanying post:

Next up #fromtheblog: “7 #socialmedia ideas you can tweak and use right now”. Nothing like some freebies to start your day off right!

Did you notice we use hashtags within the posts? Once you start learning a bit more about SEO, you’ll realize that keywords that your potential Dream Clients are using in their searches can be used as hashtags in your social media and on your website!

3. Stories

Remember: Facebook and Instagram Stories actually help your regular posts get more traction! This is the time to do fun boomerangs or other portrait (vertical) images or videos that give your #DreamClients a glimpse into your life.

Struggling with sharing your personal life? Sometimes a bit of vulnerability is enough of a boost to turn a lurker into a client or customer. Share what’s in your cup today–literally and figuratively!

Hint: You can change the font and its color, as well as use emojis to spice it up!

We recommend creating the Story in one platform, save the image, and then use it in the Story on the other platform. #savetime #worksmart

4. Promotions

While you shouldn’t always sell, sell sell, you also shouldn’t be fearful of selling here and there. A good rule of thumb is the 80/20 rule. 80% of the time you’re giving away freebies (i.e. education, information, etc.); 20% of the time you’re selling. You’re not expected to give away the house in every post; there is a creative way you can craft a non-salesy message and have it sell for you. 😉

This particular image is from our landing page aimed at photographers:

Here is a post to accompany it:

Attention #Photographers! Struggling to become the photographer everyone wants to hire? Maybe it’s not you or your amazing talent that isn’t attracting clients.

Maybe it’s your #contentstrategy.

Now you can join a community of photographers and other #solopreneurs who are becoming great at marketing their business using strategic, efficient content. Take our free trial for a spin–you’ll be learning how to #createbettercontent in 5 minutes. << or #linkinbio>>

Hint: you can create your own on your website and use a specific URL to reference to it!

We purchased and redirected it to a corresponding landing page ( on our website. Easy, peasy!

5. Workspace

You can take a photo of your current workspace (mine’s messy!) or capture a view from your current workspace. This is especially fun if you’re working remotely at your favorite cozy coffee shop.

Here’s mine:

Because everyone should have a Bob Ross #Lego minifig on their desk! ? What crazy cool gadget graces your desk? #happylittletrees #bobross #minifig #legos #whatsonyourdesk #wahm #wahmlife

Hint: We want to see your desk! Tag us online at @acupofcontent and use the hashtags #acupofcontent #myinspiredcontent #whatsonyourdesk!

6. Introductions post

Once a month or so, you should share an introductions post with your following. As your following grows, it’s a fantastic idea to show them the face behind the account on a regular basis to better humanize your business.

Here’s an example:

Hello, hello! For those of you who are new here, I wanted to personally welcome you to #acupofcontent. I’m @kimbultsma, and I am the coffee-drinking head honcho here. I got the idea for this business while trying to grow my other business over at @contentalamode. What I learned was there was a rather large group of #smallbusinessowners and #solopreneurs who desperately wanted to grow their business using content but weren’t sure how to do it or where to start. So I created A Cup of Content, an affordable content learning academy where I teach people just like you how to create and market amazing content to grow your business.

I’m located in Omaha, Nebraska, which is smack in the middle of the USA. Where are you all at in this amazing world?

It’s pretty simple if you don’t overthink it. Here are a few things you can cover in your introductions post:

  • Who you are
  • What your passion is
  • A quirky thing about you that makes you you
  • What your business is
  • How you got into your business
  • Where you’re located
  • Ask a question to encourage engagement

7. Favorite apps

For some reason, people looooove hearing about what people are using for their business. I recently included Crello on #TheCoffeeBreakLIVE (my live show Wednesdays at 11:30a CST on Facebook) and people have been sending me messages about it ever since!

I used #2 above (screenshots) from Crello’s homepage and then wrote this post:

? New #favoriteapp alert! ?

I stumbled across this lovely #graphicdesign app (for desktop only, folks) during my presentation at #BuildingCommunity18 this past May, and it’s been my new fave! It’s much like Canva where you can create graphics using templates or your own lovely creations. But the cool thing is that you can upload your own fonts on the **free** version of Crello (you have to pay for a pro account with Canva to do that). It’s also very easy to use, and you can categorize your designs into folders to make searching handy, too.

Did I mention that Crello is free? ?

What’s your favorite app to use right now? I wanna hear you rage about it!

Hit on a couple of unique points, talk about ease of use (if that’s true), take a few quick screenshots, and away you go! You can also use this same concept with new tech, too.

Final thoughts on “7 unique social media ideas you can use right now”

Got any unique social media ideas to add to this list? I’d love to hear about it over on our Facebook and Instagram posts about this blog post! If you’re trying our our suggestions, tag us using @acupofcontent and use #myinspiredcontent in your post! We follow that hashtag on Insta and would LOVE to see what you’re doing to make your content generation easier!

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