Heya–I’m Kim!

I’m a Star Wars lovin’ #strongwoman who runs obnoxious distances like 50K’s and 50 milers…for fun. I have the craziest ideas “that just might work”…and often do. I’m not afraid to dream, and I encourage my daughter to think big in this small-minded world. I care about people too much, but I’m not afraid of standing up to people who call me crazy for my passion.

Because passion is what makes us.

If you’re living your life or running your business without passion, what are you doing?

News flash: business ain't easy.

These people who talk about how easy it is to go viral or get a giant Instagram following aren’t living in the world the rest of us live in. It takes work and a little money. But it’s doable–a lot of what makes an entrepreneurial or side hustle venture successful is being realistic and organized and knowing what to do that doesn’t waste your time.

There’s Facebook and Twitter and Instagram and Pinterest–how are we supposed to know how to use all of them…and use them well?

Oh, and we’re supposed to be able to write, too…

So I created A Cup of Content.

That’s why I wanted to create an educational platform for people like you who want to learn more about content writing and content marketing. Our core courses are offered in short, meaningful sessions you actually have time for AND will benefit from. By subscribing to A Cup of Content, you’ll learn:

  • blogging with an SEO spin
  • social media strategy and implementation
  • how to use different social media platforms and choose which ones will best benefit your business
  • photography skills to take your online images up several notches
  • how to capture video in a way that keeps customers and clients coming back for more
  • email marketing both as one-offs and drip campaigns
  • graphic design and the tricks to make it easier (especially if you’re not an artist!)
  • social advertising that works
  • what types of audiences your business has and how to cater to them so they buy from you
  • and more!

Want to know more? Click here!

We teach YOU how to create better content so you can grow a long-term, profitable business.

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