I'm going to be brutally honest here:

Content is the long game.

If you want to build your service-based business, you must sell the REAL YOU using your content.

That's how you grow a profitable business.

Hi! I'm Kim. I like coffee.

I'm a former high school English and Journalism teacher who just can't stop teaching.

I’m a Star Wars lovin’ #strongwoman who runs obnoxious distances like 50K’s…for fun. I'm the ideas person, the visionary, the get-your-hands-dirty person of the bunch. I'm not afraid to take it to the next level, and I like working with people who want to grow their business and aren't afraid of a little work.

Is that you?

Business isn't always easy.

These people who talk about how easy it is to go viral or amass a giant Instagram following aren’t living in the world the rest of us live in.

It takes work and a little money. But it’s doable–a lot of what makes a service-based business successful is being realistic and organized and knowing what to do that doesn’t waste your time.

Then there’s the new Facebook algorithm and Instagram and Pinterest and vidoe–how are we supposed to know how to use all of them…and use them well?

Oh, and we’re supposed to be able to write, too…

A Cup of Content was born.

That’s why I created an educational platform for people like you who want to learn more about content writing and content marketing.

Our courses are available in short, meaningful sessions you actually have time for AND will benefit from. The concept is that you can learn how to develop content and market that content over a cup of your favorite beverage. 🙂

Community Learning.

Remember asking questions in school? This is the same concept…but it's on topics YOU want to learn about!

We encourage our members to ask questions and engage in our community. While we know what's going on in the industry, we also respect that our members have different questions we might not be considering! We have developed some of our monthly content based on requests from our member community.

Our Instructors

From our main instructor Kim to our guest instructors, we always have fresh content for you from the experts.

Want to collaborate? Contact us to start the conversation. 🙂

Kim Bultsma

Main instructor, Founder of A Cup of Content

Coming soon!

Could this be you?

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180th & Harrison

Omaha, NE 68135


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We're proud of our members. And they're proud of us.

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