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Affiliate Program

How it works:


You must be a paying member to be an affiliate.

I'm a firm believer in the fact that you can't promote a program that you have never tried yourself. If you're not a current paying member of A Cup of Content, then this affiliate program is not for you.


Earn 5% on every membership sold!

A Cup of Content offers 5% on every membership sold, and we include a plethora of strategies on how you can market A Cup of Content’s memberships to maximize your earning potential!


Links and banners provided.

We provide all the links and banners, so no need to worry about pesky graphic design. Don't see a size you need? No worries! Contact us for custom sizes and we'll take care of your specific needs!


Monthly payouts, too!

We offer monthly payouts at an easy minimum of $25 via PayPal. Easy, peasy.

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