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I want to pick your brain…

We've heard it all before: "Can we meet for coffee? I'd like to pick your brain a bit." Let me translate that for you: "Can we meet? I was wondering if you would tell me a few of your business secrets for free. I won't even pay for the coffee." NO. At first, these...

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Episode 1: Who are you? The Elevator Pitch

Welcome to A Cup of Content! This is Episode #1, and it’s time for Minute Monday: The Elevator Pitch. The Elevator Pitch This is Kim Bultsma from A Cup of Content, and I have a question: Who are you? I work with many businesses who want so desperately to get into the...

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Coming soon: eCourses

We're currently working on developing some eCourses we'll be rolling out over the next few weeks before launch to give you a "sip" of the content to come! Our first eCourse is called "7 Actionable Steps to a Better Brand", which is a 7-day eCourse about bettering your...

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