A Cup of Content and Content a la mode: A merger made for YOU!

by | Aug 3, 2019 | Case Studies, News & Announcements

Our customers spoke, and we listened!

While Kim was having meetings with a tremendous influx of new potential customers, she kept hearing the same thing over and over:

Wait–what is Content a la mode?

Most people know Kim from A Cup of Content. She did weekly live shows during the second half of 2018, which has done amazing things for our business. Therefore, most people who contact us are more familiar with A Cup of Content than they are with Content a la mode.

What is Content a la mode?

Content a la mode is our LLC. It's the business Kim initially started on November 1, 2014 as a “content marketing” business of sorts. The primary goal of Content a la mode is to do content marketing for businesses who have a budget to hire someone to do it for them. We implement social media strategy, write ghost blogs, assist with email marketing, develop WordPress websites, implement SEO (search engine optimization), and more.

What Kim learned during the first two years of business was that there is a need for very small businesses–like solopreneurs–to learn how to do what we do for themselves. These smaller businesses typically aren't at a stage in business where they can afford to hire a firm like Content a la mode, but they do have the wherewithal to implement strategies we teach them in a timely and efficient manner, thus growing their business to a point where they can hire someone like us to take over. Thus, A Cup of Content was born.

So…how does this affect both businesses?

Well, it doesn't, really. The same services will be offered, but they will all be offered under one umbrella. Kim and her friend Lane have often joked about how they have “MBD”, or “multiple brand disorder”. Kim will still keep Kim knows SEOย for her speaking engagements, but having both A Cup of Content and Content a la mode under one roof helps from a marketing perspective and, of course, a branding perspective. Nothing changes for you! Kim just feels better with her MBD. ๐Ÿ˜‰ย 

How can we learn more about these new services?

Check out the fancy new “Work with us” tab in our menu! We're working on moving all of our content from Content a la mode to this website, so you'll be able to watch as we incorporate this into our branding. Of course, we're always available for #IRL coffee…and the virtual coffees, too. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Kim Bultsma

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