In the business of marketing

Think, “I’m in the business of marketing.”

When you start thinking seriously about blogging, you need to establish a new mindset. You need to think from this point forward, “I’m a [fill-in-the-blank with your title: photographer, etc.], and I’m in the business of marketing.” Marketing yourself starts with blogs and videos.

Of note: this stuff takes some hard work. You can’t just build traffic to your website overnight, no matter what anyone tells you. And having a search engine optimized blog is a major step in how you do it. Ideally, you want to update your blog at least weekly. To get started, we suggest you blog once this month, twice next month, three times the following, and then every week from month 4 on out. Keep an accessible list of topics handy at all times–even when you’re not next to your computer. You never know when a topic or idea hits you, so you need to have a quick, reliable place to store those ideas until you’re ready to write…or record. Ideally, you want to have a few blog posts “in the bag” ready to go for those weeks you are too busy to blog. Planning is everything.

So let’s get started. We’ll cover your “why”, SEO, keyword phrases, emotion, the blogging process itself, and what to do after you publish your blog.