Make your social media content creation faster…today!

Don't you wish creating social media content was, well, faster?

You’re a small business with a small budget…and a small amount of time. Do you often stare at the screen wondering what in the world you should post on social media?

What if…

What if you had access to an endless supply of creative, SEO-driven social media posts and imagery specifically for your industry that is completely customizable for your business? 

Introducing Content a la mode!

Done-for-you social media content that you can customize, personalize, and use immediately!

What's included:

  • A massive library of ready-made social media content (images, text, hashtags) to use immediately
  • 12 new posts added each month
  • Access to a scheduling platform for scheduling social media posts to Facebook (pages, profiles, groups), Instagram (posts only), Twitter, Google My Business listing, YouTube, and LinkedIn (profiles, pages)
  • Robust analytics where you can connect your Google Analytics account
  • Access to a library of royalty-free imagery, as well as the ability to connect your Google Drive account
  • A Social Inbox to manage all of your social media in one place
  • Auto-import feature for connecting your blog to the scheduling platform
  • Access to our Private Membership to learn about blogging, SEO, email marketing, and more
  • Weekly live shows that focus on what YOU want to learn
  • and more!

It's so easy!

It takes just 3 steps to get started with immediate content:

  1. Connect your social media accounts to our scheduling platform.
  2. Choose and customize ready-made posts from our content library.
  3. Schedule the posts and you're done until next month!

Our first 5 industries are now available!

More coming in 2021!

doodle of a husband and wife in a photo frame

Photo Organizers

Topics include:

  • Digital photo organizing
  • Printed photo organizing (sorting, scanning, etc.)
  • Scanning & digitizing
  • Memorabilia organizing
  • Photobooks
  • Video scrapbooks
  • Cloud storage and backups
  • and more!
doodle of a house with a percent sign next to it


Topics include:

  • Staging
  • Buying
  • Selling
  • Mortgage
  • Foreclosures
  • and more!
doodle of a camera


Topics include:

  • Real estate photography
  • Family photography
  • Baby photography
  • Senior photography
  • Wedding photography
  • Portrait photography
  • and more!
doodle of a house


Topics include:

  • Roofing
  • Gutters
  • Siding
  • Windows
  • Roofing repairs
  • Commercial and residential
  • and more!
doodle of a house with a lawn


Topics include:

  • Lawncare (organic and chemical)
  • Sprinklers
  • Holiday Lighting
  • Landscaping
  • and more!

We're launching on December 1, 2020.

Are you in?

Are you ready to choose from a vast library of ready-made content that you can customize and personalize…AND SCHEDULE?

Start today for just $49 a month!

Want to see some examples?

How did we guess you were going to ask about that? 😉

beautiful newborn baby asleep. studio shot. copy space.

Photographer (customizable with your own photo, your logo, brand colors, phone number, URL, hashtags)

I can guarantee one thing: taking photos like this isn't something you're born with.

It's easy to start with a beautiful baby. ❤️ But the posing and the safety and the clothing and all that other stuff–you have to learn that.

When choosing a photographer for your precious newborn, research them like you'd research a daycare! Afterall, we're taking care of your baby just like he (or she!) was our own.

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Real estate (customizable with your own testimonial, your logo, brand colors, phone number, URL, hashtags)

We have the expertise and negotiation skills to get your home sold fast!

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Mothers day composition. Hands of unrecognizable man holding a photo album, black-and-white pictures. Studio shot on wooden background.

Photo Organizer (customizable with your own image, your logo, hashtags)

Not sure what Mom wants this year? Why not give her the gift of love! Create a digital photo album that mom will love! #lifeisastory

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fall leaves on a lawn

Lawncare (customizable with another image, your logo, brand colors, phone number, and URL)

What you do in this fall will determine the quality of your lawn next spring! Lawncare experts recommend having fall aeration, overseeding and topdressing with compost completed by mid-September. If you haven’t scheduled yet, call BUSINESSNAME today at PHONE or visit us at WEBSITE.

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blue cabinets in a modern kitchen

Photography (customizable with your own image, your logo, hashtags)

Would you paint your kitchen cabinets a metallic blue like these, or would you rather go with a traditional color? 🤔 Let's hear it! ⬇️

#TimPerry #realestatephotography #OmahaRealEstatePhotographer #realestatephotographer #listingvideos #realestateinvestor #realestatebrokers #realestatetech #photographyisart #residentialrealestatephotographer #residentialproperty #commercialrealestate #realestateomaha #omahavideographer #Omahavideo #omaharealestateagents #realestatenews #omahaphotographer #omaharealtor #estates #realestatephotos #brokerage 

Real estate (customizable with a screenshot of your website, your logo, brand colors, phone number, and URL)

We’re here for you! Start your search on our website and when you see something you like, call us for a virtual meeting!

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box of printed photos

Photo Organizers (customizable with another image, your logo, brand colors, phone number, and URL)

You want to live a minimalist lifestyle. De-clutter by digitizing your photos. The best way to preserve your family history and memorize is to scan your old photos…we can help! Bonus: you’ll save space by ditching the boxes. 😉

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Engineer wear safety uniform inspection installing new roof of modern house.

Roofers (customizable with your own photo, your logo, brand colors, phone number, URL, hashtags)

Thinking about moving while mortgage rates are low? Call BUSINESSNAME first. We will work with your realtor to increase your home’s sell-ability! PHONE

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Halloween pumpkins and decorations outside a house

Lawncare (customizable with your logo, brand colors, phone number, URL, hashtags)

If you decorated your lawn for Halloween, share your pictures in the comments! Happy Halloween from us!

#paradiselawnsomaha #Halloween2020 #lawndecoration

woman on a ladder

Roofers (customizable with your own photo, your logo, brand colors, phone number, URL, hashtags)

Put the ladder away and call BUSINESSNAME at PHONE. We offer free inspections on roofing, siding, gutters, and more!

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Wait! You don't only get massive amounts of pre-made content.

Want to learn how to amp up your SEO, how to blog, how to create easy graphics, and more?

You'll get access to our private membership, where we teach you everything from social media to blogging, email marketing to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and more!

You'll learn:

  • How to use content to grow your business quickly and effectively
  • Specific strategies for video to amplify your message to the right audience
  • Up-to-date social media strategies to build your business
calendar on a flatlay near a laptop and stickers
flatlay of a planner, a phone, a charging cord

You'll learn:

  • What you need to know about SEO to maximize your online presence
  • How to make email marketing suck less and work more
  • What social media channels are right for your business and how to use them

You'll learn:

  • How to become a content creation machine in as little time as possible
  • What it takes to market and advertise your business without breaking the bank
  • New strategies every week proven to advance your business
iphone on a mini tripod with a ringlight next to a computer

Straight outta our members:

"Because of all the things I learned from Kim about SEO, I went from page 6 to, not only the first page, but first result on Google! I have also developed a strategic social media schedule with engaging content. This membership is the one that pays for itself over and over again. "

Melissa Lindquist, photographer @ Melissa Lindquist Photography

"My A Cup of Content membership is a valuable tool for my business. Kim is very current on social media and SEO and also shares general business advice. The community is also great for testing content or general advice."

Lisa Tonjes-Moritz, photo organizer @ HOPE Organizing

"Kim knows her stuff when it comes to all things related to content creation, social media, engagement, SEO. Whether you want technical assistance getting started, finding the right apps to assist you along the way, or whether you are simply struggling to decide what kind of content you should be creating, A Cup of Content is like a pot of gold."

Lane Hickenbottom, photographer @ Omaha Headshot Company

About A Cup of Content

I’m Kim Bultsma, and I laugh. A LOT. 🤣

I created A Cup of Content's memberships (yep–that's plural, y'all!) to show other small business owners that they can play big on a small budget.

I taught high school and college for 15 years and left to be a better person to the people who mattered most in my life.

Teaching has always been my passion, and I want to help others like me grow a successful, long-term business and be the people they want to be.

With A Cup of Content, you’ll receive specialized instruction in a community of small business owners.

Of course, part of learning is doing things for yourself. But when you have questions, someone should be there to help. At A Cup of Content, you get individualized help when you need it and learn what you need to know to grow a long-term business.


Ask questions, get answers

Need help with a WordPress issue? Need advice on your onboarding process? Our community is here to help you test ideas with expert advice.


Grab your favorite cup of whatever and join Kim every week to learn about business. We’ve covered whether you should cuss in your writing, the fine art of persuasive writing, and how to create blog titles that suck people in. Audience participation is advised!

Learn on the go

Our membership is mobile responsive! That means you can take us on the go, regardless of device. Learn what you want, when you want, how you want!

Private facebook group

Think of it as your own personal and private Mastermind group. It’s an opportunity for you to ask us questions, get the help you need, meet other like-minded business owners and entrepreneurs, and much more!


Learn what you want

You have the opportunity to submit YOUR pressing questions and get the answers you need to make educated decisions for your business and its content!

growing library of courses

Take some time to learn some basics! From email marketing to branding to strategy to everything in between, we have a growing library of beginner and advanced courses for every stage you’re in!


You get Content a la mode: regularly updated content every month in addition to a vast library of ready-made content specific for your industry that's customizable PLUS unlimited access to our scheudling dashboard AND access to A Cup of Content membership and community for small business owners to learn how to quickly navigate the world of content marketing.

For $49/month!

Join today to lock in your monthly rate of $49!

Frequently asked questions

Our Content a la mode Membership is simple.

But we know you have some questions. These are what we are asked most frequently. If you don’t see a question you have, just ask!

What will happen in the private Facebook group?

We have many weekly updates and challenges ready to go–JUST for our members! Kim will also be available to answer questions and give you the help you need. Members are welcome to ask questions, find accountability partners, and much more! Remember: if you don’t engage, we can’t help. Make it a point to ask questions, get involved, and engage!

Why don’t you process refunds?

The Content a la mode membership is very affordable at $49 USD each month. Cancel at any time! Once you sign up and have access, you can watch videos, download files, have access to Kim and A Cup of Content’s team, engage in the private Facebook group, have unlimited access to a vast and regularly updated library of content, a robust scheduling platform, and much more. When you cancel your membership, your membership is still open until the next regular billing cycle, at which time it is canceled. With all of this being said, we will not process any refunds because of how inexpensive this membership is and all that you have access to while being a member. Refer to our Terms of Service for further information.

Can't I just download all of the content and then cancel my membership?

No. Our courses are not available for download. We upload all the social media content right into your scheduling dashboard, so you'd have to download posts one by one. Without full access, you won’t be able to engage in the private Facebook group, either!

The Content a la mode membership is VERY affordable. If it’s not for you, then it’s not for you. No hard feelings. But we have gone to great lengths to protect our content, and we would expect that you will do the same with the amazing content you’ll be creating with our help! Please refer to our Terms of Service for specific information with regard to this.

What happens when I cancel my Content a la mode membership?

When you cancel your Content a la mode membership, you will lose access to A Cup of Content’s protected content when your current membership is set to expire. You'll also lose access to the scheduling dashboard when your membership expires. For example, if you cancel on the 15th of the month but your current membership is set to renew on the 20th, you will have access until the 20th, at which point you will lose access permanently. If you wish to join again in the future, you will need to sign up again for membership. You will also be removed from the private Facebook Group.

Can I share my Content a la mode membership with someone?

No. Per our Terms of Service, the Content a la mode membership is for a single paying member only. This membership very affordable at $49 USD each month…make your friend pay for their own membership! Only the person who registered for the Content a la mode membership is allowed in the private Facebook group, too…and most likely you and your friend/relative have different goals in mind for their businesses.

How much is the A Cup of Content membership?

If you just want to learn with us each month and not utilize the ready-made content or scheduling dashboard, our membership is $9.99/month or $99/year. Cancel at any time before your next billing! 

$49/month isn't much to invest in your business.

We know–we’ve seen $10K/year coaching programs and $1K courses that many small business owners don’t know how to implement or don’t get the help they really need.

We’re not like that.

you can learn how to grow a long-term business.

We teach you how to grow your business in terms you understand.

We don’t talk over you. We don’t push you away. If there’s something you can’t do, we work with you to discover what you can do and help you develop a plan to execute it.

All you have to do is commit to getting your hands dirty and putting in the work necessary. We teach you how.

What are you waiting for?

What have you spent $49 on this month?

Could you make your own coffee at home a few more times and use that money to invest in growing your business? (I know. That's not a fair question. But I do it.)

Perhaps the better question is: Are you ready to grow your business?

There’s no easy button. There’s no quick win.

But simple, effective strategies that are easy to implement and don’t take a ton of time are out there. And we’re ready to teach them to you if you’re ready to put in the work.