Check out Kim's guest appearance on the Build Live Give podcast with Paul Higgins!

Kim and Paul met in the Membership Guys Facebook group; Paul asked a question about a membership about people with polycystic kidney disease and, since Kim's daughter was born with kidney disease, she reached out and voila! This podcast came about.

Here are some highlights in the podcast:

  • Common pain points people have when it comes to content
    • Don’t think they can write or don’t know how to do it effectively
    • Find blogging and social media to take up too much time and they aren’t sure how to really “do” it to make the most out of it
    • Minimal funding and minimal time.
  • Top 3 solutions we offer at A Cup of Content:
    • Learn how to strategize content to not only make it interesting to write and read, but also work in terms of SEO
    • Content on content on content
    • Different platforms you can use that are robust but simple to use and are either free or pretty close to it
  • Common myths and how I counter them:
    • Social media is dead.
    • No one reads blogs.
    • People hate email marketing.
    • Video production is too expensive.
  • Common objections to what I do:
    • It’s too difficult to learn. If you’re not willing to put yourself out there, then your business won’t grow. People buy you, not just the products/services you provide. Think “know me, like me, buy me.”
    • They don’t have the time. Well, if you don’t make the time to work on your business, then your business will never grow to the next level.
    • They want this to be easy. Growing a business isn’t easy. There’s no “easy” button. But there are processes and strategies that you can use to make it a lot simpler and less time-consuming. That’s what I teach.

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