How to use simple webinars to explode your business (even if your email list is small or non-existent) [WEBINAR]

I’m going to get on my soapbox again: you need to always be growing your email list if you want your business to grow. Social media platforms will come and go, but EVERYONE is going to have an email. And if someone signs up for your list, they want you to send them stuff. Within reason, of course…

But let’s be honest: growing an email list organically takes time. Long gone are the days when you could slap a sign-up form on the footer of your website that said, “Sign up for our email list”.


I mean, you can still do that, but you’re not going to see many conversions.


Why a webinar?

Webinars are a fantastic way for you to virtually “shake hands” with potential clients and customers–especially if you’re someone who is conducting a great deal of business online (like we are). Webinars work a lot like live video, but often last approximately an hour and make for easier engagement. Webinars are your opportunity to share some of the free knowledge you share at networking functions or with potential clients or customers you meet–but to a much, much larger audience.


What does a webinar have to do with growing my email list?

If you’re anything like me, you know that if you can just get in front of people, they will see the value that you bring to the table. When someone listens to me or meets me, I want them to feel like they can’t NOT sign up for our membership.

And do you know what you get when someone signs up to watch your webinar? An email address.

So how can I use webinars to grow my business and email list?

My very first webinar was a more of a test of sorts. I had done a few webinars with my membership (we do monthly live trainings where members pick the topics), I hadn’t done an official live webinar. So let’s look at the deets:

  • Spent $60 on Facebook Ads for one week to promote the webinars
  • Held 3 webinars via WebinarJam over the course of 3 consecutive days: 8p, 8a, and 1p
  • 23 people signed up to watch the webinar (aka 23 new email signups!)
  • 8 people watched the webinar live
  • 3 people signed up for membership; 2 of the 3 signed up for 6-month memberships

Sooooo my conversion rate was pretty kick ass. But I’ll admit: I was initially disappointed that only 23 people had signed up to watch my webinar. But after I finished those three webinars and saw 3 new members in my community, I knew that this was nothing to be disappointed in. Now, I know that I need to continue using webinars to increase my business (aka make more money) and grow my email list. The more I can get in front of people, the better my chances are at 1) growing my email list and, more importantly, 2) growing my business.


Ok–I can do this! But what are the steps to a successful webinar?

In our opinion, there are 6.5 incredibly simple (but important!) steps for webinar success–and we are going to spill all the secrets AND discuss our popular “Pop-up Webinar” in this LIVE webinar! Once you start using these 6.5 strategies, you’ll see an uptick in not only your email list but in your overall business growth, too! Bring your questions and get signed up today–replays are only available to those who register!

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