Rethinking website content in 2018, Part 3: The end of sleazy marketing

I’m continuing our four-part series on rethinking website content in 2018 by talking about something I am absolutely ECSTATIC about:

The end of sleazy marketing.

So let’s talk about your role in your customers’ stories. I know we’re supposed to be talking about your new shiny, cutting-edge website, but believe me when I say that this is an important component in getting your marketing messages just right on that sweet revamped website of yours.

Stop being so long-winded

You can write a fantastic sales page without it being an 18 scroll, 3,500-word manifesto of a bunch of crap you don’t really mean. After all, that kind of sales page totally distorts the “know, like, buy” relationship you are trying to develop with customers. That relationship works; selling people on a bunch of fluff means that you’ll always be chasing the next dollar.

end of sleazy marketing

Stop being the hero

As long as I’ve been in the marketing world, I’ve been hearing the advice of “What are your customers’ pain points and how do you solve them?” Does anybody else see what’s inherently wrong with this?

You’re not a hero.

You need to empathize with your customers and provide a solution—preferably in the form of a service that you offer.

end of sleazy marketing

Address successes instead of fears

I’m not sure about you, but I’m tired of businesses being so negative in their advertising. Instead of telling me I’m a failure at preparing meals in advance for those days when I’m super busy, perhaps someone could tell me that with simple instructions and guided planning I can actually prepare delicious meals for my family AND can lose weight at the same time.

See? I get you. I know your pain. I found a way to get past it. You can do this, too. I can guide you.

be a business guide

Be the guide your customers seek

Deep down inside, we want someone to tell us what to do with regards to things we don’t have much knowledge about. If I want more people to engage with my videos, for example, I need to include captioning on my videos; can help me AND save me money. When you start being a guide for your customers and clients, you start to identify 3 things about your target demographic:

  1. What are your Dream Clients’ external struggles?
  2. What are your Dream Clients’ internal struggles?
  3. What are your Dream Clients’ philosophical struggles?

Answering these questions about each of the services you offer can really help you nail down your marketing messages and NOT be sleazy about it!

Final thoughts

What do you think about all of this? Share your thoughts with us on Twitter at @acupofcontent or on Facebook. We’d love to continue the discussion further!

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