Writing successful content: Be raw, be you

This post marks the end of our four-part series on rethinking website content in 2018. I couldn’t think of a better way to end it than talking about being authentic in your content writing.

Stop being something you’re not

I’ll admit: I’m as guilty as the next person in using that grandiose Master’s in English of mine and making myself sound super smart and hoity-toity in my content. In all reality, it doesn’t matter what kind of a degree I have or that I have X number of years “in the industry”.

Those numbers don’t pay the rent.

What will and does work in content marketing and website copywriting moving forward is building relationships with our audience by showing that we get them. We’ve been there. We know what it’s like to struggle. But, more importantly, we know what it’s like to succeed.

Write value-first content

It’s not just the old adage of identifying our Dream Clients’ pain points. It’s understanding their pain and empathizing with them. By writing value-first content, we can emphasize the value of the results of our services.

Ultimately, we need to not only discuss the outcomes of our Dream Clients’ failures, but we have to paint a picture of what their lives will be like after they experience the success of our services. Using this type of empathy in our content writing is a less-sleazy way to market our services. If we don’t address a struggle, we can’t address a success.

Results vs. Offers

Another way we can be more authentic in our website’s content is anticipating our Dream Clients’ reactions to our service offerings. For example, Oprah isn’t selling Weight Watchers’ system. Oprah is selling the results of the Freestyle™ System: she can eat what she wants. It’s easy. It’s not so much counting but more enjoying. Weight Watchers is catering to the results and feelings their Dream Clients want to experience.

How can you focus more on the results of your services instead of the service itself?

It’s a matter of addressing the benefits instead of the features. How can you address the strife in your Dream Clients’ lives with your services? How can your target demographic experience success as a result of your services? Answer these questions and you’ll have more quality, successful content that works for you and sells itself.

Don’t have a website at all?

I get it; having a free Facebook page or Instagram profile might sound like the right answer, but what if your Dream Clients aren’t on those platforms? Well, Houston, we have a problem.

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