We’re continuing our four-part series on rethinking websites in 2018 by talking about your role in your customers’ stories. I know we’re supposed to be talking about your new shiny, cutting-edge website, but believe me when I say that this is an important component in getting your marketing messages just right on that sweet new website.

You are not the hero.

I mean, you have to admit that thinking we are the heroes in our customers’ stories is pretty pompous.

I am SUCH a nerd! 🙂

For real, though, you are not the hero. You are what’s called a “guide”.

You are the guide.

It’s not our job to tell our customers that they need us. It’s our job to show them how much better their life will be with our services in their lives. For example, I could easily tell you how you need to join A Cup of Content’s free trial. Or I could explain that gaining content marketing knowledge from a trusted source can help you make significant strides in your business.

Results vs. features

It’s still important for us to identify our Dream Client’s pain points. Once we’ve done so, it’s time to identify how our specific services can help them achieve a utopia of sorts; how will they live their lives better because of our services?

Let's look at an example.

A Cup of Content's Features

If I were to write the “traditional” way of content marketing, I would market A Cup of Content something like this:

If you're tired of signing up for a content writing class here and an email marketing course there, then look no further! You'll find everything you need at A Cup of Content. We offer on-demand courses on social media, blogging, SEO, email marketing, video, and much more…all in one place!

Let's identify the story:

  • Dream Client's pain points: They have to go so many places to learn what they need to learn in order to develop their own content. Sometimes, those different places contradict what they learn elsewhere, so it leads to a lot of confusion.
  • Our features: We offer everything in one place, so they don't have to go so many places to find what they're looking for.
  • What's missing: How A Cup of Content's services can help the Dream Client survive and thrive as a business (aka the results).

A Cup of Content's Results

If I were to rethink my content writing to consider how I can “guide” my Dream Clients in their stories, then I would market A Cup of Content something like this:

I get it: you need some solid guidance in this messy world of content marketing. How do you get yourself out there AND create the content that does just that in as little time as possible? With our affordable membership (just $30/month!), you'll learn not only how to create engaging content, but you'll learn what platforms you should be on, how you can create the right kind of content that earns you more business–all while being ahead of the curve of what works in content marketing.

Let's identify the story again:

  • Dream Client's pain points: They need an affordable, efficient way to learn how to create their own content marketing strategy that's in their language and is efficient.
  • Our features: We have an affordable membership and teach them what they need to know in as little as time as possible.
  • Their results: They will learn just what they need to know and how to efficiently do their own content marketing so they can remain ahead of the curve and, therefore, ahead of their competition.

The focus is on “you”, and the emphasis is on showing “you” how “you” will benefit from our courses and community…and how we will help “your” content marketing efforts make you more money (aka “you” can thrive and survive).

Conflict: Internal, External, Philosophical

Donald Miller (affiliate link) takes note from Joseph Campbell’s A Hero with a Thousand Faces (affiliate link) when he explains our Dream Clients’ conflicts as being Internal, External, and Philosophical ones.

  • Externally: how much better will our Dream Clients’ lives be after using our services?
  • Internally: this is what our Dream Clients are really trying to solve. How will they feel success and accomplishment after using our services?
  • What are the philosophical implications (deeper meanings) of using our services in their lives? This should answer the question, “Why?” Why does this matter? How will this service create closure in their lives and stories? To answer this, use words like ought or should.


  • The problem: Not knowing where I need to go in order to learn what I wanted to in order to successfully market my business.
  • External: I need affordable help in one place.
  • Internal: I'm confused about who is really giving me the best information out there; I need someone to trust and who has my best interests at heart.
  • Philosophical: I ought to be able to go to one place for all of my content marketing needs and education.

Based on this information, I can further develop my marketing messages to show how A Cup of Content's membership (the guide) can show my Dream Clients how they can feel and see success in their own business.

You try.

Now it’s your turn. How can you be a guide in your Dream Clients’ life? How will you make them feel and see success? How can you rewrite your marketing messages to show that you are a guide instead of a hero?

It's not gonna get done if you don't make the time to do it.

Are you ready to uplevel your business? Nobody but YOU can make it happen...and we'll teach you how!

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