How to use “big content” to drive your social media strategy

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Using “big content” to drive your social media strategy

My most frequently asked question? “How do you come up with the ideas to write social media about?” Well, it’s simple. Kind of.

Use big content.

What is “big content”?

Big content is just that: the larger pieces of content you create for your business. Maybe it’s a blog post. Perhaps it’s a video. Maybe it’s a podcast. Whatever it is, it’s a large piece of content that typically takes you an hour (or more) to generate.

So what does that have to do with a social media strategy–let alone a content strategy?

The Big Content Strategy System

This month, I’m releasing a new course on content strategy that focuses primarily around the concept of big content. When you create a large piece of content, it’s typically because you are trying to revolve a sales strategy around it.

For example, this month I’d like to get 5 more people in our membership. So I’m releasing a course this month about my Big Content Strategy System. I’m teaching about it this month in our weekly live trainings within our private group. For public consumption, I’m developing my goals, CTAs, livestreams, podcasts, emails, blog posts–everything around this topic of big content and how it makes social media so much easier.

Speaking of social media–The Big Content Strategy System is really a comprehensive social media strategy. Once you create the big content piece–all of the other parts of your content marketing strategy simply fall into place. The blog is easier to write. The social media is easier to produce and schedule. The podcast can be your blog post. The video can be a deep dive into a specific piece of your blog post.

I mean, the color coding within the strategy helps, too. 😉

While sometimes I have to shoot in the dark with my clients, having a theme (or big content) for each month still makes content generation so much easier. And if you’re thinking of running any sort of ads (i.e. Google, Facebook, Instagram, etc.), having the content in social media and on your website helps you spend better money and not more money.

Ok, so how do I get this social media strategy?

Well, you join our membership! I’m teaching our members how to create content buckets based on their big content and how to strategically schedule them out–all in one place. And all of our courses are available on-demand, so even when you’re reading this in 3 months, you can still access all the awesomeness!

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