#TheCoffeeBreakLIVE Episode 21: Creating Episodic Content

by | Sep 12, 2018 | #TheCoffeeBreakLIVE

#TheCoffeeBreakLIVE is back! Topic for Episode 21: Episodic content and your business. The CoffeeBot joins us as always, so be sure to type LIVE in the comments to get friendly reminders of when we go live each week! (You can even do this on ANY replay of our videos!)

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#TheCoffeeBreakLIVE Episode 21 Notes:

Today's quote to think about:
“Longevity in business is about being able to reinvent yourself.”

Three ways to create episodic content:

  1. Live show on Facebook
  2. Podcast (look at anchor.fm)
  3. IGTV
Kim Bultsma

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