Content Writing Services

Let's be honest: not everyone is a writer. If you're too busy running your business, it might be time to hire a content writer to help grow your online presence and reach more clients with your unique message.

Content Writing Services are the core of our business.

It should be the core of yours, too.

Need copy for a radio spot? Perhaps you need descriptions of classes you offer, products you sell, or services you provide. Regardless of the context, we can help you with clear, precise content that reflects the voice of your business and gets your point across!

Content Writing Services

We work closely with your business to identify your specific needs, your goals, and your unique voice. All of the content we develop for your business is unique, original, and catered specifically to YOUR business. We don't reuse content for other clients, nor do we write boring, generic content you can get from other content writing services.

This plan includes the following on a per-page basis:

  • dedicated keyword phrase
  • necessary on-page textual implementation for WordPress using provided logins (other website platforms as needed)
  • proper SEO image tag updates
  • minimum 300-word original, unique content writing / copywriting written for your specific brand's voice
  • all other necessary tags, links, etc. (hey…we can't give away all of our trade secrets!)

Cost: $175/page

Copywriting samples

Check out what we've done for others!

SEO Optimized Content

  • Lighthouse5. We worked with owner Tom Baker to write unique content for his entire site. Part of Tom is his humor, which we also incoporated into his “Free lunch”.
  • Strada Healthcare. We worked with Strada Healthcare to identify who their target demographic is and what they are searching for to find what Strada offers. We rewrote the entire website's content to incorporate SEO.
  • Shaw, Hull & Navarrette CPAs of Fremont. SHN had a website many moons ago but nothing recent, so we started from scratch. We wrote a majority of the content; we also used their supplied content and edited it for SEO.
  • Tim Perry Photography. We wrote all of this website's content from scratch (and developed it, too, based on his needs).
  • We rewrote much of the content on the site and optimized for SEO with their voice in mind.
  • IT-Labs. Wrote content for their website…from scratch! Pages include:

Email Marketing: eNewsletter

  • Center Sphere. Center Sphere hired us to develop their monthly newsletters. We were responsible for interviewing featured members each month and coordinating other information to be added. We then scheduled the email to be sent to all their members across the country.
  • Paradise Lawns. We write content and create images for every newsletter. We also have helped them create a series of automated emails for various situations, such as new client onboarding automations, prospect automations, and more. Sign up and see what we do!
  • A Cup of Content. If you want to see the whole shebang of our email marketing skills, head over there. We create funnels with automated email sequences, weekly emails, and much more…all using ConvertKit.


  • Paradise Lawns. We ghost blog for them, working closely with the owner Dave on topics that help his search rankings. We also generate all graphics for these posts and then share them in his email marketing.
  • Tim Perry Photography. We did a few blog posts here and there for Tim to help with his ranking, and in February 2017 he will be working with us on a regular basis to ghost blog for him.
  • Rockbrook Camera's blog, Photo Resolution. Launched October 2015, Photo Resolution is an all encompassing project for us. We branded/named it, developed the logo, set up the WordPress site, implemented the SEO content (including analytics and webmaster tools setup), and put together an editorial calendar that includes social media, eNews, and more. Watch for some posts over there by Kim Bultsma as well!
  • Curt Hofer & Associates blog. We have ghost written several blog posts for them that focus on the keywords they wanted to be known for.

Social Media

  • G.O.A.T.z (Greater Omaha Area Trail Runnerz). This is our baby…we do all of their social media for the main page as well as individual Facebook pages for the different races. In 2016, they sold out EVERY RACE, and they attributed much of that to our continued social media presence.
  • Tim Perry Photography. We collaborate with Tim to create great photography and videos for our clients…and he hires us, too! In January 2016, he moved from .net to .com. In January 2017, he ranked #4 on Google for the search term “omaha real estate photographer” and in February 2019 he ranked #2. We attribute this to blogging, on-page and on-site SEO, and SMO (social media optimization).


  • Edited a Q&A for IT Labs and CodeNgo–made not only basic editing corrections but suggestions changing Q&A layout to speaker format to allow for more personable interaction with the blog post.

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