WordPress Website Hosting

Your business needs WordPress website hosting you can afford and that is reliable. It includes daily backups, an SSL certificate (that's HTTPS, BTW), is updated monthly, and more.

Wait–why $199/year for WordPress website hosting?

Quality WordPress website hosting is NOT easy to come by. Of course, you could go the “budget hosting” route and get $7/month hosting, but do you know how to restore your website when it crashes? Better yet, do you even have a backup?

That's why we have a plan for you!


What's included in the $199/year WordPress Hosting Plan:

  • Cloud hosting. It's not budget hosting–it's cloud hosting! That means your website is housed on a dedicated server with optimization for growth and maximum resources and speeds.
  • Daily backups. We backup our websites every. single. day. Mess up something on your website? No problem! We'll roll it back to the previous day's backup…easy, peasy, and included! *Backups are only kept for the last 7 days.
  • SSL included. SSL is what makes your website “https” and ranks higher in search engines. It also tells consumers that your website is trusted and safe.
  • Free CDN. CDN stands for Content Delivery Network, a geographic network of servers that work together to deliver your website's information faster…and across the world. We utilize Cloudflare CDN to make your site perform fast no matter where your customers are visiting from. Want it? Just ask!
  • Moving your website to our server. We will take care of moving your website “as is” from your current hosting provider. Please remember that sometimes website moves aren't always seemless, so the process may take a bit of time. Be prepared to have all of your logins and credentials for your website, themes, purchased plugins, and domain available to make the transition as fast and smooth as possible.

What you’re responsible for:

  • Plugin and theme updates. It's important that you update your plugins and themes on a regular basis. We'll provide you with a tutorial on how to do this yourself in a manner that won't break your website.
  • Content and SEO. We don't provide content writing in our hosting plans. If you're interested in help with content generation (i.e. SEO, blogs, etc.), we offer those services as well!
  • Photography. We don't include photography, whether professional or stock, with our hosting. We do have resources for both, though! If you’re in the local Omaha area, we recommend Lane Hickenbottom with Omaha Headshot Company!
  • Moving your current, detailed website over to a new theme. We do offer that service, but we’d prefer to discuss your needs so we can establish how much content needs to be transferred. These websites typically start at $1,549.
  • Your logo. Don’t have one? We can help!
  • Moving your website to another server. If you decide to not host with us any longer, you'll be responsible for moving your website to your new server.

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