We are A Cup of Content.

We're passionate about deliciously written content. And coffee.

We are A Cup of Content.

(You might also know us as Content a la mode.)

In 2014, Kim Bultsma started a business called Content a la mode.

In 2016, she started an content marketing education website called A Cup of Content.

In 2019, we realized it was far too difficult to market two companies with our growing membership and list of clients, so we decided to merge the two under one name. Whether you want to learn how to do your own content marketing and SEO or you want to hire it out, A Cup of Content offers both!

We are about helping businesses with their online presence—on their websites, in social media, and more using SEO content writing. We offer affordable search engine optimized content that focuses on your business, the way your potential customers search for your products and services, and how search engines combine that information to obtain results. We can write content for websites that aid in organic searches through content and context.

Not a writer?

We can blog for you in a voice that emulates how you want your business to be presented. And we can even help you develop a social media strategy and execute it if you don’t have the resources (or, let’s face it, the time) in house.

A Cup of Content can help with even more of your content marketing. We collaborate with video producers. We employ talented, graphic designers who can help with branding. We develop mobile-ready SEO-rich websites, too.

Don't have a budget to hire someone to do it for you?

A Cup of Content's membership offers courses, weekly live trainings, and a community to help you reach your small business marketing goals!

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“I do what I do for my family…because that's what matters most.” ~Kim Bultsma

I'm Kim Bultsma.

A Cup of Content is me, Kim Bultsma, and what I want to be when I grow up.

I’ve always wanted a job where I could do what I love—writing—and help people at the same time. So I created a company where I could do just that.

After teaching high school English and Journalism for 10 years, I “retired” and worked in content marketing for several years before branching off and starting Content a la mode in 2014. I also teach solopreneurs how to do what I do in A Cup of Content‘s membership, and I spend a great deal of time traveling and speaking about SEO, blogging, and small business.

In my free time, I do a bit of trail running, travel with my best friend and husband Chris, taxi my beautiful daughter around to dance, and live stream on Facebook and YouTube.

I'm Moojan Sharifi.

“If you hear that voice inside your head nudging you to ‘buy now’, it’s probably me.“

I’ve always had a penchant for writing, and I truly love what I do. When I joined Kim at A Cup of Content in early 2018, I didn’t realize the impact content writing had on consumer-related decisions. After a couple of months, I could not believe I was the social media gal and that SEO content actually worked!

My goal is to see your company succeed over the competition. I do extensive research on your field of business to create a customized and SEO-friendly strategic plan. Social media content is only as great as the writer behind it. To say the least, I learned from the best. Kim was my professor in Technical Communications at the University of Nebraska at Omaha! Together, we create a unique digital content strategy for your business.

I earned my B.A. in English from UNO in 2017. I love animals, I travel often, and my favorite ice cream flavor is chocolate!

I'm Joanne Lathrop.

“Two roads diverged in a wood and I – I took the one less travelled by and that has made all the difference.” ~Robert Frost

I am proud to be a resident and native of Omaha (except in the winter). Currently, I homeschool my two teenagers and have been married to my mailman husband, Brad, for over 20 years. After a family member received a dyslexia diagnosis, I became an advocate for people with learning disabilities.

Much like the Robert Frost poem, my experience can be best described as a winding, less traveled path with many detours, twists and turns. I initially set out to obtain a degree in English, however, my love for travel won out. After many years traveling and working in the travel industry, I returned to school and completed my B.S. in Human Resource Management. As varied as my education and career have been, the one constant is that I love to help people. So, it has been a blast to write social media for A Cup of Content.

My hobbies include spending time with my family, reading, writing, hiking, traveling, drinking German bier and watching episodes of my favorite television series, Psych

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