Website development and design for all budgets.

We specialize in WordPress and make our websites mobile responsive and easy for YOU to update…without us. (But we can still update it if you want us to!)

Omaha Web Design…

You need a website that's not only aesthetic but mobile responsive and gets your business found.

And doesn't drain your bank account, either.

We have an extensive background in WordPress themed websites. Our approach to WordPress is that you, the client, should be in control of your website. We make sure that you are always able to perform updates to your WordPress website by using best practices if customization is required. Any professional plugins, etc. that are necessary are purchased with your own account so that you are able to keep your plugins up-to-date and your website running at an optimum level.

screenshot of content a la mode's website home page

Website development for existing AND new websites

We work closely with your business to identify your specific needs, your goals, and your unique voice and brand so your website best represents YOU.

Starting from scratch? No problem. We have extensive experience in designing websites with organic and unique SEO-optimized content. All images and graphics for your new WordPress site are of the highest quality and for commercial use. We work with you on appropriate menu structure and hierarchy, making your website an intentional journey to action, understandable by your intended audience and accomplishing your goals.

Don't know how to use WordPress? We have that covered, too. You'll receive training for those users who will be responsible for updating the website.

Omaha web design pricing?

(We knew you were going to ask that…)

This is where the tricky part comes in. Each website has different needs, goals, requirements, etc. It's tough to say that it's going to cost X amount when we haven't even talked with you yet! But let's throw out a couple of scenarios to help you gauge what your investment will look like.

screenshot of the homepage of omaha's ehs physical therapy and chiropractic website

Scenario 1: Small, brand new website

Let's say you're a roofing company who is just getting started (congrats, btw!). You need a simple website with a homepage, an about page, a main services page, a blog setup, and a contact page. No fancy bells or whistles–just an online presence so you can start being found by prospective homeowners and realtors.

We'll write the content, optimize it for SEO, provide stock imagery, get your analytics all set up, make sure it's mobile optimized and has SSL (that's the https that is all the rage these days!), and host it on our lightning fast cloud hosting for the first year included (then $199/year afterward). There are some other goodies, too.

This type of website would start at $1,400.

screenshot of omaha knife's homepage

Scenario 2: Small, existing website with content

Let's say you're a lawncare company whose website hasn't been touched since it was made in 2005 (and it's not even mobile responsive). You need a fresh new design for your homepage, about page, main services page, blog, and contact page. No fancy bells or whistles–just a much needed refresh.

We'll redesign your website and make sure it's mobile responsive, edit your existing content and optimize it for SEO, work with you on new photos of your work, include that SSL certificate and host in on our lightning fast cloud hosting for the first year included (then $199/year afterward). And more goodies.

This type of website would start at $1,200.

Other Website services

Check out what else we can help you with!

Website updates.

Need help with your Shopify website? Have a Magento e-commerce website that needs some attention? Already have a WordPress site but don't have the time to make changes? No problem! These types of updates fall under our hourly rate of $150/hour.

Hosting and email.

Need hosting? Our hosting starts at $199/year and includes nightly backups and reliable up-time and includes your SSL certificate. If you need more TLC (i.e. blogging, etc.), we have awesome website maintenance packages for you to check out! We can also assist with Google Workspace for your email needs. Contact us for more information about your specific needs!