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7 Steps for Growing A Killer Email List

"I don't have a product or service to promote on an email list." "I don't know what I'd say in an email." "People won't read my emails." One of the biggest mistakes business owners and entrepreneurs make is putting off building an email list until "later"....

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Four tips to prepare yourself for live video

Stop worrying about video--live or pre-recorded--and do it. “I hate how I look on video.” “I don’t know what to say on live video.” “No one cares about what I have to say.” I hear this all the time from people when I ask them if they’re doing live video...or any...

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Case Study: Offering a Free 21 Day Challenge

Case Study What we’re doing: Offering a Free 21 Day Challenge This month we’re sharing with you what we’re doing to grow our membership. We practice what we preach in our membership, so we are doing this as organically as possible. First, let’s start with some...

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Interview with ToraNado on Storm Vibes Radio

Kim was recently on Storm Vibes Radio, speaking with the music community about music marketing and unique ways musicians and producers can market music. Musicians already have a great deal of content--often times they don't realize it can be used in their marketing...

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Are your 2017 content marketing goals SMART?

I know what you're thinking. It's December and maybe you still aren't quite sure how to market your business for the holidays...let alone next year. Or perhaps you've been trying a few things here and there, but you really have no cohesive method for the madness....

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3 Little-Known Instagram Facts

What I absolutely ADORE about the work I do is that I learn something new every single day! (The teacher in me is just gleeing with excitement!) While recording video for our Instagram membership course, I hit an unexpected road block. And in chatting with people...

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I want to pick your brain…

We've heard it all before: "Can we meet for coffee? I'd like to pick your brain a bit." Let me translate that for you: "Can we meet? I was wondering if you would tell me a few of your business secrets for free. I won't even pay for the coffee." NO. At first, these...

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