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What is SEO content?

I’m sure you’ve heard it a million times: You need to be blogging. And it’s true. But why do you need to be blogging? Why do you need to produce SEO content like that on a regular basis? What is SEO content? And how do you blog? And what does it do for your website?...

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#TheCoffeeBreakLIVE: Episode 20

#TheCoffeeBreakLIVE is back! Topic for Episode 20: The Power of Value: How to be a value creator. The CoffeeBot will join us as always, so be sure to type LIVE in the comments to get friendly reminders of when we go live each week! #TheCoffeeBreakLIVE...

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NEW! Video series: Video+Coffee

We added a new video series on IGTV: Video+Coffee So excited to be kicking off our new video series: Video+Coffee! This new, highly caffeinated show will bring you all things video content, from creative ways to use video in your business to live show tips and tricks...

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#TheCoffeeBreakLive: Episode 15

#TheCoffeeBreakLIVE is back! Topics for Episode 15: If you're wondering whether putting yourself out there is really worth it, join us! Kim will be talking about simple tips and tricks to put yourself out there and grow your amazing business...

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