SEO services for small business

Search engine optimization isn't just PPC (pay-per-click) advertising. All that does is pay–a LOT–for your business to be at the top of search engines. It does NOTHING to help you rank organically on first page. Our content writing does.

Organic Search Engine Optimization is what we do.

Search Engine Optimization is a moving target, and we have it locked in our sight…all the time. In order to understand why search engine optimized content is vital to your online presence, let’s get a simple understanding of it.

How SEO used to work:

Local Business wants to move up the Search Engine Ranking Pages, or SERPs, so it finds SEO Company. SEO Company will charge Local Business anywhere between $300-$1200 per month to “optimize” 10 keywords. Since Local Business is an insurance agent, SEO Company charges $1000 per month—because those are high commodity keywords, you know! SEO Company also promises Local Business that its website will be on the first page.

How SEO Company moves Local Business’ website to first page:

SEO Company takes Local Business’ $1000 per month and buys lots of listings—or spots on listing websites—for the business’ website pages to create linkbacks. This used to tell the search engines that your website was important. “Huh—a lot of websites are referring to Local Business’ website, so it must be important. Let’s move Local Business to first page in SERPs!”

But that doesn’t work anymore.

What’s worse yet: SEO companies are still trying to sell it that way. Be leery of companies who promise to conduct their SEO services by providing linkbacks, Link Building, buying “followers” or “blog subscribers”. Too much of this will get you literally blacklisted from search engines.

So what does work for Search Engine Optimization?

Your next potential customers are getting more creative with their online searches. Instead of searching for insurance, they are searching for affordable homeowners insurance in Omaha. Therefore, search engines have to be smarter about the results they provide. Today’s SEO is a fine art of not only the keyword phrase itself but how a website incorporates that keyword phrase into the content on the particular page (or “land”) that is being optimized. So it’s not just the content, but the context of the content.

How A Cup of Content helps with organic SEO

One of the biggest mistakes we see businesses making with their online content is that they get so caught up in how they want to be known that they forget potential customers don’t know how businesses want to be known. Our job is to help businesses develop content in a way that best represents them, utilizing keywords potential customers are searching for, and put all of that together so search engines can present your optimized pages in SERPs and gets potential customers clicking and, ultimately, buying.

SEO Content Writing for small business

We work closely with your business to identify your target demographic, keyword phrases, and how your business is being searched for online. Using dedicated resources, we research your competitors and develop a comprehensive search engine optimization strategy for a content delivery and implementation system that will grow your online presence and assist in long-term growth and awareness of your brand.

This plan includes the following on a per-page basis:

  • dedicated keyword phrase
  • necessary on-page textual implementation for WordPress using provided logins (other website platforms as needed)
  • proper SEO image tag updates
  • minimum 300-word original, unique content writing / copywriting written for your specific brand's voice
  • all other necessary tags, links, etc. (hey…we can't give away all of our trade secrets!)

Cost: $150/page

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