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#TheCoffeeBreakLIVE is our Facebook Live show on Wednesdays at 11:30a CST, where we dive into the messy world of content marketing. Comment with the word LIVE on any show's comments to be added to our CoffeeBot, where we send you a friendly reminder via Facebook Messenger just before we go live each Monday and Wednesday.

#TheCoffeebreaklive episodes

#TheCoffeeBreakLIVE: Episode 12

#TheCoffeeBreakLIVE is back! Topics for Episode 12: Instagram algorithm EXPOSED, and 7 social media post ideas you can use right now! **Scrub to 2:30 for audio...technical difficulties today!**

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#TheCoffeeBreakLIVE Episode 10

#TheCoffeeBreakLIVE is back! Topics for Episode 10: On deck today is GDPR and how it pertains to YOU in the US, a new graphic design platform you'll want to check out, and more!

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#TheCoffeeBreakLIVE Episode 9

#TheCoffeeBreakLIVE is back! Topics for Episode 9: After a little hiatus last week, we are back with some updates on Pinterest and Facebook Ads. And it's Kim's birthday!

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#TheCoffeeBreakLIVE Episode 7

#TheCoffeeBreakLIVE is back! Topics for Episode 7: All about! (...and a alternative you can use that drives traffic to your website AND Pinterest's new profile layout!)

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#TheCoffeeBreakLIVE: Episode 6

#TheCoffeeBreakLIVE is back! Topics for Episode 6: Google's new mobile-first indexing, the art of the CTA, and a first-look at UGC. Don't know the acronyms? Today's a great day to join us and learn what they are and how they are important to your business...

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