A lot can happen in a year.

One year ago on #CyberMonday, I launched A Cup of Content. I had spent the greater part of 2016 preparing on-demand courses, developing my membership website, and trying not to panic that there was still so much to do.

Ultimately, I decided that with the nature of content development I would never ”finish” A Cup of Content. And I was right. So much has already changed, like the development of Facebook Messenger Marketing and how SEO has changed social media. It's constantly evolving, which is what I've had to roll with.

A Cup of Content still isn't perfect, and I don't think it ever will be. But that's what I love about it, and that's what I hope my members love about it, too: that they will always have a community to turn to for education, support, and challenges. Yes, challenges! Challenges to always be the business that stands above the rest. Because if we stay the same, we don't grow.

So, to celebrate one year, A Cup of Content wants you to join us as we grow. We want to educate and support YOU and your growth in your business! We believe so much in our community that we want you to try our membership for FREE! No credit card required, absolutely no BS. Isn't it time you gave yourself the opportunity to really grow yourself and your business? We want to help. 🙂

Learn more about our FREE no-obligation trial here. Let's work together to grow your business!

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It's not gonna get done if you don't make the time to do it.

Are you ready to uplevel your business? Nobody but YOU can make it happen...and we'll teach you how!

Success! Grab a cup of coffee and celebrate! Don't forget to add hello@acupofcontent.com to your "safe senders" list!

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